The best orthopaedic surgeon with compassion – Dr. M.L Saraf for you

Dr. M.L Saraf, one of the most reputed name in the field of orthopaedics. His knowledge and compassion towards society are par excellence. His companionship with KEM is more than four decades long. And he believes in providing continuous service to those who needs it the most. Apart from being a pioneer in the medical field, his compassion and soft-heartedness towards those who are underprivileged are worth appreciating.

Academic honours received by M.L.Saraf Being an achiever in life, Dr. M.L Saraf took hard work as the only way to success. Due to which, he has always excelled in any exams that he appeared for. Right from his school life to university days, he never left his prime position and proved his mettle in the medical field too. His academic achievements includes, In 1966, he was awarded Best Science student Title and was honoured with Mama Hazarat award by KEM hospital.

After which he also won Junior Shirwalkar Medicine and Surgery Gold Medal in 1968 Following this series of success next came in line the 1st rank in MBBS and Diploma in Orthopaedics. After completing his diploma, he went on to do his masters from the University of Liverpool, where he became the first Indian in 60 years to receive the Norman Roberts Prize for his excellent thesis.

His knowledge received an international acclamation With his excellent contribution in the field of joint replacement and knee surgery, Dr. M.L Saraf had already become the most sought after Doctor in India. But the greatest leap in career was getting the responsibility of the former president of the US, Bill Clinton. Saraf Headed the medical team that was responsible for taking care of Bill Clinton.

And later, he also extended his services to the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, on the special request of Minister of External Affairs. But even after achieving so much success, he still remains to be extremely humble and always ready to support needy and unfortunate ones.

His valuable contribution towards the society M.L Saraf has always been a strong advocate of serving the poor and the ones who are deprived of medical treatment. And in the case of lack of money, he even provides free of cost treatment. Plus, he has been continuously serving disabled and has also taken an initiative of setting orthopaedic and polio camps and treated around 10,000 patients through them.

Now, he has also become trustee member of Narayan Sewa Sansthan and HVB. He is constantly working towards returning them those happy and smiling faces back. Apart from that, after finishing his studies in Liverpool, he came back to India with the intention of serving his own people in his land. M.L Saraf is not just a highly qualified surgeon of orthopaedics but is also a very good person. Right from his early days as a doctor, he has been listening to the plight of the poor and he is genuinely providing them with support and care. This pure and unadulterated dedication towards society’s welfare is what makes them remarkable