Embarking upon Medical Philanthropy – Dr. M.L Saraf

Orthopaedics SurgeonKnown as an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon who has more than 25 years of experience in his bag, Dr. M.L Saraf is truly a compassionate soul in his profession.

He is sought after for his dexterous capabilities in this field of medical care where he has successfully implemented modern applications of trauma and joint replacement. Working with the Naval hospital, Ashwini, he has been called time and again for his expert opinion by other surgeons. In cases of failed treatments of Armed forces, he has been giving new life through his miraculous hands and unparalleled expertise.
Know about the philanthropic side of M.L Saraf

The name of this man is known to every aspiring orthopedic in India. He is an acknowledged pioneer of this field and what makes him a stand-out is that he is a teacher too! Yes, apart from being a surgeon, he imparts his years of knowledge based on his experience to students. Interacting with young aspirants and teaching them is what he loves the most.

According to him,

“People come and go. But, what I truly believe is that the science of orthopedics shall leave its marks in history forever. If I can inspire people to take up this field of medical care, then only shall I consider myself to be successful.”

It is this particular side of his enigmatic personality that has made his name acquire a place on the global map.

While most of the country knows Dr. M.L Saraf for his impeccable diagnosis and treatment skills, few know about his philanthropic side. However, you must know that here, it is not his charitable donations that quip for this side; rather he has a different kind of philanthropic approach to life.

* Believing in treating people so that one day, they can lead a better and healthier life. Dr. Saraf uses all his expertise to treat poor people.

* He spends one day every week in the villages that are located on the outskirts of Mumbai.

* For children and people alike, he does not charge one penny for his service and also arranges for medicines along with medical equipment that is required. For example, he has arranged for calipers, a kind of support equipment for these children.

* While attending patients whose families are well-off, he even encourages them to make donations so that he can continue his endeavors in these villages.

M.L Saraf is a doctor who foregoes his earnings for a day or more only for helping and supporting these people. It was during his KEM Hospital internship phase when he picked up this philanthropic streak. He used to observe how the poor people used to travel long distances for a mere check-up and how the travel expenses made their cases worse.

Seeing their sufferings, he decided to do something constructive that will help them in a way. Since then, he has been going to these villages and offering the best of orthopedic treatment.

Dr. M.L Saraf is indeed a man to be respected, and it is his sheer benevolence that has earned him his repertoire today.

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We have amidst us Dr. Murarilal Saraf a pravasi Fathepur vasi who has made India proud in the field of Total Joint Replacement. His career is full of gold medals and prizes. It is said that he has never stood second in any field or examination he has competed. He is invited nationally and internationally to participate in prestigious seminars and conferences. He has been the Governors nominee in the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and IIT Powai.