Dr. M.L Saraf – A Teacher, Philosopher & Friend for Patients!

Rare are those people who can show compassion even in the darkest of times! One such person who has been a torchbearer for many in health pangs is Dr. M.L Saraf.

Know why?

* Because he has been the ultimate orthopaedic surgeon, who has transgressed the boundaries of medical progression making lives better and healthier for people.

* He is an acknowledged maestro of orthopaedics. Moreover, he also is a wonderful teacher, as he is the best guide they could get ever!

* He has his belief on the principle that the progression of medical science never stops and doctors must take this field beyond the conventional.

“I have always wanted to inspire people who have the thirst within themselves to bring a change, advancement in our field. Not only will this help the victims of musculoskeletal disease but also make our country proud!” said the man when asked about his visions in the orthopaedic field.

His ventures so far – A man who never stops

M.L Saraf had never considered money in the first place. He could have made a humongous sum in the UK, but he chose something out-of-the-box and made his way back to his dear country. He left a lot many opportunities in the United Kingdom so that he can be here in India to help those people in need.
1.As teaching had been his passion for many years, he gave lectures in the GS Seth College in Mumbai.

2.He passed on his knowledge to aspirants who wished to eradicate medical maladies like polio. He worked relentlessly for days spreading the awareness of polio, and today, Mumbai has become aware only because of this man’s hard work.

3.M.L Saraf went to the villages once a week to help the labouring mass with their health issues. People today can avail his treatment easily and don’t have to compromise with their daily wages.

4.He made the village folks aware of how treating the orthopaedic problems are in their own hands. Emphasizing upon cleanliness, he taught them about daily hygiene practices so that they can promote good health themselves.

5.Dr. Saraf treats poor children from the villages by visiting them every week. Moreover, he does not charge them a single penny.

His philanthropic side! Dr. M.L Saraf has a vision

Many people in this world do not know how important it is to have philanthropic dispositions for oneself.

However, with Dr. Saraf, this lieu came in his life when he was interning at the KEM hospital in Mumbai. During this time, he got a chance to observe the struggle of daily life by poor people. They had to sacrifice their daily wages when they travelled all the way from the villages to the city. Many could not afford this entire journey!

Since then, Dr. M.L Saraf has been visiting them once a week so that they do not have to give up their hard earned money for travelling. It is this benevolence that had made him almost a messiah for the needy.

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We have amidst us Dr. Murarilal Saraf a pravasi Fathepur vasi who has made India proud in the field of Total Joint Replacement. His career is full of gold medals and prizes. It is said that he has never stood second in any field or examination he has competed. He is invited nationally and internationally to participate in prestigious seminars and conferences. He has been the Governors nominee in the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and IIT Powai.