Distinguished career as an Orthopedic Surgeon par excellence

Born on 27 August 1947, at Kolkata in India, Dr. M L Saraf is a true son of the soil. He works with the sole aim of serving the poor of the country. Not many doctors would do the same given the position M L Saraf is in at this point in life.

M L Saraf has had a distinguished career right since his school and college days. He has stood first in every competitive exam he has appeared in until date. In fact, he does not know how to come second in life. He is an acknowledge master in orthopedics.

Even during his days in the University, he maintained the prime position. He worked as an intern in the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. Seeing the plight of the poor people with bone injuries strengthened his resolve to become a specialist in orthopedics. He achieved this distinction with a great deal of ease.

DR Ml Saraf - Orthopedic Surgeon par excellenceHe went to the University of Liverpool to continue his Masters in the subject. True to his nature, he shone there as well. In fact, he was the recipient of the Norman Roberts Prize for submitting the best thesis in the University. He has the distinction of being the first Indian in 60 years to achieve this feat. He could have easily stayed back in the UK like many others do and earned a fortune. However, the love of his country brought him back to India.

On coming back, he joined the KEM Hospital and started practicing as an in-house surgeon. He studied the problems of the poor people and understood that for every person who comes for treatment there are hundreds who do not. They are not in a position to afford the trip from their villages to Mumbai. Hence, the incidences of polio and other bone-related diseases were on the rise. M L Saraf coordinated with some of the patients and decided to set up medical camps for the poor at their doorstep. He needed money for this endeavor. His rich patients came to his rescue by donating freely towards the cause. He used the money to buy calipers and other medical equipment for the poor children. In this way, the children got undivided attention from him.

The best aspect of M L Saraf is that he treats the poor and the rich alike. He has treated the rich and creamy layer of society as well. Some of his patients included high profile people such as Dilip Kumar, Shankarrao Chavan, and former PM Manmohan Singh. Some of his international patients include the Afghan Premier, Hamid Karzai and the redoubtable US President Bill Clinton. He had a great hand in the treatment of former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee. He played a supporting role to Dr. Ranawat during the joint replacement surgery of the former Prime Minister.

Hence, you can call him a truly versatile doctor. His love for the nation is second to none. Therefore, one can call him a true son of the Indian soil.

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We have amidst us Dr. Murarilal Saraf a pravasi Fathepur vasi who has made India proud in the field of Total Joint Replacement. His career is full of gold medals and prizes. It is said that he has never stood second in any field or examination he has competed. He is invited nationally and internationally to participate in prestigious seminars and conferences. He has been the Governors nominee in the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and IIT Powai.