Dr. M.L Saraf – A Teacher, Philosopher & Friend for Patients!

Rare are those people who can show compassion even in the darkest of times! One such person who has been a torchbearer for many in health pangs is Dr. M.L Saraf.

Know why?

* Because he has been the ultimate orthopaedic surgeon, who has transgressed the boundaries of medical progression making lives better and healthier for people.

* He is an acknowledged maestro of orthopaedics. Moreover, he also is a wonderful teacher, as he is the best guide they could get ever!

* He has his belief on the principle that the progression of medical science never stops and doctors must take this field beyond the conventional.

“I have always wanted to inspire people who have the thirst within themselves to bring a change, advancement in our field. Not only will this help the victims of musculoskeletal disease but also make our country proud!” said the man when asked about his visions in the orthopaedic field.

His ventures so far – A man who never stops

M.L Saraf had never considered money in the first place. He could have made a humongous sum in the UK, but he chose something out-of-the-box and made his way back to his dear country. He left a lot many opportunities in the United Kingdom so that he can be here in India to help those people in need.
1.As teaching had been his passion for many years, he gave lectures in the GS Seth College in Mumbai.

2.He passed on his knowledge to aspirants who wished to eradicate medical maladies like polio. He worked relentlessly for days spreading the awareness of polio, and today, Mumbai has become aware only because of this man’s hard work.

3.M.L Saraf went to the villages once a week to help the labouring mass with their health issues. People today can avail his treatment easily and don’t have to compromise with their daily wages.

4.He made the village folks aware of how treating the orthopaedic problems are in their own hands. Emphasizing upon cleanliness, he taught them about daily hygiene practices so that they can promote good health themselves.

5.Dr. Saraf treats poor children from the villages by visiting them every week. Moreover, he does not charge them a single penny.

His philanthropic side! Dr. M.L Saraf has a vision

Many people in this world do not know how important it is to have philanthropic dispositions for oneself.

However, with Dr. Saraf, this lieu came in his life when he was interning at the KEM hospital in Mumbai. During this time, he got a chance to observe the struggle of daily life by poor people. They had to sacrifice their daily wages when they travelled all the way from the villages to the city. Many could not afford this entire journey!

Since then, Dr. M.L Saraf has been visiting them once a week so that they do not have to give up their hard earned money for travelling. It is this benevolence that had made him almost a messiah for the needy.

Embarking upon Medical Philanthropy – Dr. M.L Saraf

Orthopaedics SurgeonKnown as an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon who has more than 25 years of experience in his bag, Dr. M.L Saraf is truly a compassionate soul in his profession.

He is sought after for his dexterous capabilities in this field of medical care where he has successfully implemented modern applications of trauma and joint replacement. Working with the Naval hospital, Ashwini, he has been called time and again for his expert opinion by other surgeons. In cases of failed treatments of Armed forces, he has been giving new life through his miraculous hands and unparalleled expertise.
Know about the philanthropic side of M.L Saraf

The name of this man is known to every aspiring orthopedic in India. He is an acknowledged pioneer of this field and what makes him a stand-out is that he is a teacher too! Yes, apart from being a surgeon, he imparts his years of knowledge based on his experience to students. Interacting with young aspirants and teaching them is what he loves the most.

According to him,

“People come and go. But, what I truly believe is that the science of orthopedics shall leave its marks in history forever. If I can inspire people to take up this field of medical care, then only shall I consider myself to be successful.”

It is this particular side of his enigmatic personality that has made his name acquire a place on the global map.

While most of the country knows Dr. M.L Saraf for his impeccable diagnosis and treatment skills, few know about his philanthropic side. However, you must know that here, it is not his charitable donations that quip for this side; rather he has a different kind of philanthropic approach to life.

* Believing in treating people so that one day, they can lead a better and healthier life. Dr. Saraf uses all his expertise to treat poor people.

* He spends one day every week in the villages that are located on the outskirts of Mumbai.

* For children and people alike, he does not charge one penny for his service and also arranges for medicines along with medical equipment that is required. For example, he has arranged for calipers, a kind of support equipment for these children.

* While attending patients whose families are well-off, he even encourages them to make donations so that he can continue his endeavors in these villages.

M.L Saraf is a doctor who foregoes his earnings for a day or more only for helping and supporting these people. It was during his KEM Hospital internship phase when he picked up this philanthropic streak. He used to observe how the poor people used to travel long distances for a mere check-up and how the travel expenses made their cases worse.

Seeing their sufferings, he decided to do something constructive that will help them in a way. Since then, he has been going to these villages and offering the best of orthopedic treatment.

Dr. M.L Saraf is indeed a man to be respected, and it is his sheer benevolence that has earned him his repertoire today.

ML Saraf is a distinguished teacher

Sportspersons have a very deep connection with orthopedic surgeons. This is because they invariably break a bone or two during the course of their sporting pursuits. Dr. M L Saraf has the distinction of being the honorary consultant at the Cricket Club of India. In addition, he was also on the board of the Mumbai Race Club treating sportspersons of their bone injuries.

ML Saraf has served many distinguished offices in his career. He has treated prominent naval officers and their wives during his stint with the Indian Naval base in Mumbai. He has also treated various celebrities and film stars as well. One can go on with the list of luminaries he has treated. However, he prefers people to remember him more as the messiah of the poor.

Having realized the plight of the poor people from the villages surrounding Mumbai, he made up his mind to relieve their pain. He saw that maintaining proper hygiene was the main issue for these villagers. Hence, he emphasized on this aspect during his visits to the villages. He made it absolutely clear to the villagers that the cure to their orthopedic problems lies in their own hands. Cleanliness can keep many a disease such as polio away.

This is the main reason the poor people of the villages adore him and treat him as God. However, M L Saraf has his feet firmly on the ground. He understands that he is a human being in every respect. His main duty is to serve the people of India. This is the main reason he came back to India after completing his Masters in Liverpool. An ordinary person would never have come back at all. He would have taken this opportunity to stay abroad and build a huge fortune and name as well. ML Saraf is made of different stuff.

He is a great orthopedic surgeon. One should also know that ML Saraf is an excellent teacher as well. He believes in sharing knowledge whereby his classes are the most popular among students at Seth G S Medical College. ML Saraf wants his students to become experts and treat all patients with single-minded devotion. He explains that the blessings of the poor people are any day better than the thousands of rupees you might earn treating the rich and the mighty. He does not mean to say that one should not treat the rich at all. After all they too deserve equal attention. This is what Dr. M L Saraf emphasizes. According to him, they deserve equal attention. However, many doctors neglect the poor and give extra attention to the rich and mighty alone. Dr. M L Saraf makes these points very clear in his lectures to the students.

He always says that God is the person who gives life to people but doctors are those who save lives. Hence, the role of a doctor is the most important one. People should keep this point in mind when treating people.

The philanthropic side of Dr. M L Saraf

Dr. M L Saraf and orthopaedics are synonymous with each other. Every orthopaedic student in India would definitely have heard the name of M L Saraf. An acknowledged master in the subject, he loves to teach as well. He believes that people may come and go but the science of orthopaedics will remain forever. One can only keep on adding to it. If he is able to inspire people to take up orthopaedics as their major subject, he considers himself to be a successful man in life.

Many people know him as an orthopedic surgeon par excellence. However, very few people have seen the philanthropic side of his personality. When we speak of philanthropy, we are not referring to the charitable donations that philanthropic people make. M L Saraf specializes in a different kind of philanthropy. He is a doctor and he believes in treating people. He uses his expertise in orthopedics to help and support poor people.

He spends at least a day every week in the villages on the outskirts of Mumbai treating poor children and other people as well. The greatest part of his service is that he does this activity free of cost. In fact, he arranges for the medicines and other support equipment such as calipers for the children from his own sources. He treats rich people as well. Dr. Saraf convinces such rich patients to donate generously to help him in these endeavors. Now, who can say No to such a great person. Here is a doctor willing to forgo one day earnings and go to the villages to serve people. If the rich can help him they consider it their privilege.

Not many people in the world have such philanthropic dispositions. Where do you think he developed this streak in life? It can surprise you that he picked up this idea of serving the poor when he was doing his internship at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. He noted that the poor people had to struggle a lot while travelling in the famous Mumbai local trains to reach the hospital. He understood that for every villager who came for treatment there were at least a dozen more who could not afford the journey. This is because the villagers lose their salary for the day they travel to the hospital. Now, they could not afford to lose their salary even for one day. As it is they were living a hand-to-mouth existence.

M L Saraf saw the sufferings of the people and decided to do something about it. What could an orthopaedic surgeon do? He could go to the village and offer treatment. This is precisely what he decided to do after becoming a full-fledged orthopaedic surgeon. True to his words, he made it a point to travel to these villages regularly with the sole objective of providing the best orthopaedic care to these poor villagers and their children. His aim was to have a polio-free Mumbai. One must say that he has succeeded to a great extent as well.

The contribution of M L Saraf to orthopedics is unparalleled

It is difficult to find people like Dr. M L Saraf in the world today. An orthopaedic surgeon par excellence, he is a philanthropist to the core. In addition, he has the burning ambition of giving back to society. This is evident from the way he imparts knowledge to the students about the finer aspects of paediatric orthopaedics. This subject is very close to his heart. He is a great orator who can speak for hours on this subject. People flock to hear his lectures on this subject. No one ever goes back disappointed after listening to his views on the subject.

As far as accolades and accomplishments are concerned, there are very few equals in his field. Naturally, you feel elated and satisfied when people recognize your efforts and appreciate them. The Government of India has recognized his efforts by bestowing onerous responsibilities on him. He had been chosen to operate on noted luminaries such as Dr. Hamid Karzai, the Premier of Afghanistan. In addition, he has proved his expertise by treating Indian political heads such as former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Shankarrao Chavan. He has also provided valuable inputs to the team that operated on the former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Under such circumstances, it should not come as a surprise that the Government chose him to lead the medical team attending to the health of the US President Bill Clinton on his visit to India. That is a great honor in its own right. These are tremendous achievements. In addition, he has served as honorary Medical Officer in various organizations such as the Indian Navy, the Cricket Club of India, The Mumbai Racecourse, etc. He has also performed his role to perfection as external examiner to various medical Universities. He had also served the Indian Medical Council in various capacities.

How do you normally expect such a person to feel? Of course, he feels honored but he has gone on record saying that serving the poor underprivileged children of India gives him more joy and satisfaction than anything else in this world. He understands the pain and trauma these children go through as they contact polio at a very young age. This made him take the vow that he will eradicate polio from India completely. He has been an active campaigner of polio vaccination. If Mumbai has a diminishing number of polio cases today, a lot of credit has to go to M L Saraf. He has played a great part in bringing awareness among the people about the benefits of vaccination.

He has been a great advocate of the use of the Jaipur Foot. He feels that this contraption can give hope to innumerable amputation victims. He has played a great role in refining the design of the Jaipur Foot so that it provides the greatest comfort to the wearer.
His contribution to the field of orthopaedics is unparalleled in Indian history. Under such circumstances, you can call him as the true son of the soil.

Dr. M L Saraf – A top achiever in every field

Dr ML. Saraf - OrthorpedicWould you be happy if you achieve the second rank in any field of academics? Almost every one of us would be ready to give an arm and a leg to achieve this position. Can you say the same of the person who does not know the definition of the term ‘second rank’? We are referring to Dr. M L Saraf, the man who has never stood second in his life at any stage of his career.

Right from the time he completed his formal education in school, he has always stood first in every competitive examination. There are no geographical boundaries for his achievements as well. If topping the University in India was not enough for him, he went on to achieve the top honors in Liverpool University as well. In addition to achieving the famed M.Ch in orthopedics from Liverpool University, he won the Norman Roberts Prize for his achievements, being the first Indian to do so.

His colleagues refer to him as the ‘Computer of Orthopedics’. Of course, that is not so without reason. He is an absolute master in the subject having acquired tremendous authority in orthopedics, especially pediatric orthopedics. His mastery is such that noted orthopedics always consult him before undertaking any major operation. He has the distinction of attending to some great political luminaries and celebrities such as Dr. Manmohan Singh, Dr. Hamid Karzai, Bill Clinton, Dilip Kumar, and so on.

Dr. M L Saraf has a very long association with the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. He had worked there as an intern and returned to continue his practice as an orthopedic expert as well. This is where he inculcated the spirit of sacrifice. This has played a prominent role in his life. He got the opportunity to understand the true problems of the poor people at close quarters. He made the decision to serve them for the rest of his life.

Serving the poor comes naturally to him. He believes that the rich people could always afford him at any point. They have a lot of alternatives as well. However, the poor do not have any place at all. He knows the travails of the poor people as they travel from the outskirts of Mumbai to KEM Hospital for their orthopedic consultations. Any person who has traveled in the local trains of Mumbai will testify that it can be difficult for an able bodied man to traverse such a long distance. If you have a handicap, you are at a great disadvantage.

This prompted Dr. M L Saraf to reach out to the poor. Instead of making them come to the hospital, he made it a point to travel to their villages and conduct the regular checkups. This would also enable him to look after more patients. He works with a single minded devotion of eradicating polio from the face of the country.

These qualities make him one of the most loved persons in the country. The poor people adore him as the Divine Incarnate.

Dr M.L Saraf for you – The man of sheer excellence

Words are not enough to describe the excellence of this man. Dr. M.L Saraf is one the most reputed names in the orthopedic field. However, his success as a surgeon is not the only thing that people know him for. He is an extremely compassionate human being and misses no chance to help the poor and needy.

Notable Contributions of Dr. Saraf:
His work doesn’t need any separate recognition because he is someone who has always done great things to help the society as a whole.
Moreover, Dr. Saraf is considerate of the needs and necessities of the lower strata of the social world.

Also, he was successful to create collaboration between the Armed Forces and super specialty corporate hospitals. The aim was to make expensive medical treatments available to the masses who’re not able to afford it.

Further, utilization of expensive equipment for surgeries and other medical procedures came under control. Also, successively, the cost of medication fell within affordable thresholds. Not just this, he also gave free treatment and medication to over 10,000 poor patients. Along with that he also attends to the differently abled patients and runs a polio camp for them.

Currently, he is the trustee of Narayan Sewa Sansthan and HVB. Dr M.L Saraf is consciously making efforts to bring about a change in the medical policies of KEM Hospital where he practices and also in other hospitals.

These policies are mostly directed to the betterment of the poor and underprivileged.

A Skilful Doctor:
It is not easy to be an orthopedic surgeon. Apart from having proper educational qualifications, one also needs to have the right skillset to perform these complex surgeries.

M.L Saraf has mastered the art of skillful surgery with ease. The way he uses the complicated and expensive surgery tools, tells a lot about his caliber.

For example, he takes care of spinal deformities in the most efficient way, majorly Scoliosis which requires the usage of intricate instrumentation.
As a surgeon, he is always trying to inculcate new technologies for better results, so he uses latest techniques for a joint replacement which will give long healthy life to the joints.

Feathers to His Hat:
There is no second thought about the fact that M.L Saraf is a doctor of sheer class and efficiency.

So, going by his successful record, the Government of India chose him to be the head of the medical which was created to serve the medical needs of Bill Clinton, the then president of USA during his visit to India.

After learning about his work, the government decided the Ministry of External Affairs decided to make him the medical adviser of Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan during his visit to the country.

Apart from being an excellent doctor and having quite a few glorious achievements up his sleeves, he is also a teacher. Dr. Saraf teaches full time at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center. Also, he attends seminars by various colleges as a guest lecturer. Dr. M.L Saraf is like a sea. He is has something to offer to everyone who reaches out to him and his achievements add to the vast ocean that he already is.

Also, he attends seminars by various colleges as a guest lecturer. Dr. M.L Saraf is has something to offer to everyone who reaches out to him and his achievements add to the vast ocean that he already is.

Distinguished career as an Orthopedic Surgeon par excellence

Born on 27 August 1947, at Kolkata in India, Dr. M L Saraf is a true son of the soil. He works with the sole aim of serving the poor of the country. Not many doctors would do the same given the position M L Saraf is in at this point in life.

M L Saraf has had a distinguished career right since his school and college days. He has stood first in every competitive exam he has appeared in until date. In fact, he does not know how to come second in life. He is an acknowledge master in orthopedics.

Even during his days in the University, he maintained the prime position. He worked as an intern in the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. Seeing the plight of the poor people with bone injuries strengthened his resolve to become a specialist in orthopedics. He achieved this distinction with a great deal of ease.

DR Ml Saraf - Orthopedic Surgeon par excellenceHe went to the University of Liverpool to continue his Masters in the subject. True to his nature, he shone there as well. In fact, he was the recipient of the Norman Roberts Prize for submitting the best thesis in the University. He has the distinction of being the first Indian in 60 years to achieve this feat. He could have easily stayed back in the UK like many others do and earned a fortune. However, the love of his country brought him back to India.

On coming back, he joined the KEM Hospital and started practicing as an in-house surgeon. He studied the problems of the poor people and understood that for every person who comes for treatment there are hundreds who do not. They are not in a position to afford the trip from their villages to Mumbai. Hence, the incidences of polio and other bone-related diseases were on the rise. M L Saraf coordinated with some of the patients and decided to set up medical camps for the poor at their doorstep. He needed money for this endeavor. His rich patients came to his rescue by donating freely towards the cause. He used the money to buy calipers and other medical equipment for the poor children. In this way, the children got undivided attention from him.

The best aspect of M L Saraf is that he treats the poor and the rich alike. He has treated the rich and creamy layer of society as well. Some of his patients included high profile people such as Dilip Kumar, Shankarrao Chavan, and former PM Manmohan Singh. Some of his international patients include the Afghan Premier, Hamid Karzai and the redoubtable US President Bill Clinton. He had a great hand in the treatment of former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee. He played a supporting role to Dr. Ranawat during the joint replacement surgery of the former Prime Minister.

Hence, you can call him a truly versatile doctor. His love for the nation is second to none. Therefore, one can call him a true son of the Indian soil.

The Best Practitioner

Why is it always better to go to an orthopaedic surgeon? We must go to one because they know best when it comes to back pain, sports injuries, chronic pains, stiff necks and so much more. This kind of pain creates a very big impact to the daily functions in our daily lives. For proper diagnosis of musculoskeletal issues, it is always a best solution to go to an orthopaedic doctor or surgeon like M. L. Saraf.

What could an orthopaedic surgeon do? They would be able to properly diagnose and give you the right treatment. Furthermore, they could advise as how to prevent and rehabilitate that injury or disorder. The musculoskeletal system includes bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons. These doctors may also have their own area of specialization like pediatrics, trauma, oncology and surgery.

You don’t need to be afraid to go to one because before they are allowed to practice, they have done a lot of extensive training not only in diagnosing surgical but also in non-surgical. Most of them should need to complete the 14 years of education from the university, medical school, and concentrated study in residency and specialty training. They should have passed the board exam and would have a certification for a training program. It is a must that they should be eligible before they could open up their own clinic. The good thing also about their study is that they would need some re-certification after several years which they would need to take. It helps them have a refresher of their knowledge and on the other hand, update them to modern medicine and technology.

Who are eligible to go to orthopedic surgeons? Everyone, from newborns to old people, athletes or just about anyone that would find some disorder! It would be best if you could find one good surgeon to go to the whole time so he will be able to observe your condition, they would need to ensure that medical treatments are done according to the history and preferences of the patient.

What kind of conditions do they treat? Chronic back pains, tumors, sprains, injuries, osteoporosis, rheumatoid, torn ligaments etc. these are just few to mention They could do different kind of surgeries like arthroscopy, fusion, internal fixation, soft tissue repair, joint replacement and osteotomy. If you are looking for one, take a good look at the Dr. M. L. Saraf, the leading orthopedic surgeon in Bombay. He is well known for the 20,000 free surgeries he offered to his patients and all have been potentially improved. Check out the Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre, he leads the Orthopaedics department as well. Be impressed and feel better with the most-loved practitioner in the city.

The Best Medical Advisor

Dr. M.L. Saraf, the orthopedic surgeon whose identity and professionalism exceed expectations. With impressive and outstanding academic record, he is India’s best-loved orthopedic practitioner who takes his vocation as a donation towards his country and the people living in it.

A medical specialist for the armed forces of India:

The armed forces are considered the tough walls that surround and defend the Indian Territory, embracing the entire country for protection against foreign invaders. So health of the armed forces is top priority. Dr. Saraf being the top medical practitioner in orthopedics is the number one medical advisor responsible for the Indian Armed Forces. He makes use of all the techniques available in treating joint replacement and trauma.

He was associated with the Naval Hospital in Ashwini, his knowledge on his practice is always sought when treating complicated issues for those of higher ranking. He also treated the wives of Adm. S.S Jain, Commander in Chief, Western Naval Command, Adm Sharma, Ashwini Hospital, Admiral Sodhi, Submarine Division, and Captain Malhotra. Most of the members of the Naval forces go to visit him regularly for opinions in health and treatment, as he is presently practicing his specialty in Bombay.

Dr ml sarafHis career reached its highest point when he acknowledged two golden opportunities on request of the Indian government. One was with Bill Clinton, during his tour in India, Bill Clinton came to Bombay. Dr. M.L. Saraf headed the medical team that was assigned to take care of the former President of the United States. Second was with Hamid Karzai, Dr. Saraf was specifically requested by the Ministry of External Affairs, to provide medical advice for the President of Afghanistan.

All the patients of M.L Saraf including those who are well known and famous all over the world, know him to be a humble and giving person. No matter how much talent he has, his heart lies at the grassroots. As he mentioned in most of his interviews, “a doctors first contribution should be towards his society and the people” he has proven his words and actions through time.

For all the people who are often deprived of medical attention because of their lack of money, he gives complete treatment free of charge. He has always been an advocate of serving the disabled and the needy, which is the reason why he has participated in a number of free polio and scoliosis camps.

More than 10,000 patients who have been victims of polio he was able to treat, and because of this very kind and generous act, a social organization decided to award him with the title of Rajasthan Ratna, because he has successfully treated and operated on a total of 20,000 people, and everything was free of cost. All of Dr. M.L Saraf’s patients are extremely happy and satisfied, and have expressed their continued respect and appreciation, because he has made a change effectively. Saraf, will continue to improve the lives of many individuals in India, and make life easier for everyone.