An excellent orthopaedic surgeon and a great human being

There is no word to explain the greatness of Dr. M.L Saraf. The famous orthopaedic surgeon is a great human being also who cares for poor people. Dr. Saraf, a post graduated doctor from the University of Liverpool, returned back to India after completing his Masters. He has a long list of patients, which include the names of world famous personalities like the former president of the US, Bill Clinton and former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. At the same time, he has hundreds of such patients who are financially not so sound.

Dr. M.L Saraf, who was born in Kolkata, India, was a brilliant student. He never came second in any examination, right from his school days. After completing school, Saraf joined Elphinstone College, Mumbai, in 1964. He was the topper in his class and won Monstuart Elphinstone Prize. In the second year, he received Elphinstone Science Prize in 1965 as he was the best student of that year. He is also the first Indian to bag Norman Roberts Prize.

Professional accomplishments of Dr. Saraf: With a huge experience in implementing the cutting-edge techniques in Joint Replacement, M.L Saraf also works with Naval Hospital at Ashwini. Whenever there is any complicated case of bone injury, Army doctors seek to consult with him.

He was actively involved in the treatment of several senior army officers and members of Naval Forces. He led a group of doctors who were appointed to take care of Mr. Bill Clinton, then president of the United States, during his official tour in Mumbai, India. On the recommendation of the Ministry of External Affairs, he also gave medical advice to the former president of Afghanistan, when he was in Mumbai, India for an official tour.

Dr. Saraf played a prominent role during the treatment of India’s former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He supported Dr. Ranawat during the former Prime Minister’s joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Saraf’s contribution to the society is a testimony of his greatness People can judge the greatness of M.L Saraf from his contributions towards the society. People know Saraf for his helping attitude towards the vulnerable and needy people. He is also a very good teacher. He likes to share his knowledge with his students in such a way so that they can continue his noble endeavours in the field of orthopaedics in future. Though he is a full-time teacher at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center, he visits many colleges in India as a guest lecturer. Additionally, he also conducts and takes part in various workshops on orthopaedics.

An orthopaedic surgery is a highly technical task and a surgeon always needs to keep itself updated with the latest techniques. There are several expensive types of equipment available for surgery which requires great expertise to handle them. Dr. M.L Saraf manages Spinal deformities very skilfully; mainly Scoliosis which needs complicated instrumentation. He applies the latest techniques in Joint Replacement with his expertise, providing a new and a healthy long life to the joints.