Dr M.L Saraf for you – The man of sheer excellence

Words are not enough to describe the excellence of this man. Dr. M.L Saraf is one the most reputed names in the orthopedic field. However, his success as a surgeon is not the only thing that people know him for. He is an extremely compassionate human being and misses no chance to help the poor and needy.

Notable Contributions of Dr. Saraf:
His work doesn’t need any separate recognition because he is someone who has always done great things to help the society as a whole.
Moreover, Dr. Saraf is considerate of the needs and necessities of the lower strata of the social world.

Also, he was successful to create collaboration between the Armed Forces and super specialty corporate hospitals. The aim was to make expensive medical treatments available to the masses who’re not able to afford it.

Further, utilization of expensive equipment for surgeries and other medical procedures came under control. Also, successively, the cost of medication fell within affordable thresholds. Not just this, he also gave free treatment and medication to over 10,000 poor patients. Along with that he also attends to the differently abled patients and runs a polio camp for them.

Currently, he is the trustee of Narayan Sewa Sansthan and HVB. Dr M.L Saraf is consciously making efforts to bring about a change in the medical policies of KEM Hospital where he practices and also in other hospitals.

These policies are mostly directed to the betterment of the poor and underprivileged.

A Skilful Doctor:
It is not easy to be an orthopedic surgeon. Apart from having proper educational qualifications, one also needs to have the right skillset to perform these complex surgeries.

M.L Saraf has mastered the art of skillful surgery with ease. The way he uses the complicated and expensive surgery tools, tells a lot about his caliber.

For example, he takes care of spinal deformities in the most efficient way, majorly Scoliosis which requires the usage of intricate instrumentation.
As a surgeon, he is always trying to inculcate new technologies for better results, so he uses latest techniques for a joint replacement which will give long healthy life to the joints.

Feathers to His Hat:
There is no second thought about the fact that M.L Saraf is a doctor of sheer class and efficiency.

So, going by his successful record, the Government of India chose him to be the head of the medical which was created to serve the medical needs of Bill Clinton, the then president of USA during his visit to India.

After learning about his work, the government decided the Ministry of External Affairs decided to make him the medical adviser of Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan during his visit to the country.

Apart from being an excellent doctor and having quite a few glorious achievements up his sleeves, he is also a teacher. Dr. Saraf teaches full time at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center. Also, he attends seminars by various colleges as a guest lecturer. Dr. M.L Saraf is like a sea. He is has something to offer to everyone who reaches out to him and his achievements add to the vast ocean that he already is.

Also, he attends seminars by various colleges as a guest lecturer. Dr. M.L Saraf is has something to offer to everyone who reaches out to him and his achievements add to the vast ocean that he already is.

A living legend in orthopaedic treatment and studies

Dr M.L SarafDr. Murarilal Nagarmal Saraf, better known as Dr M.L Saraf is the most sought after orthopaedic clinician for his extensive experience and work of more than three decades. He specializes in the field of trauma and joint replacements. He is presently a renowned professor and the head of Orthopaedics at Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre. It would help you to rightly identify this man’s merits once you have a look at his awards and accomplishments.

Greatness rewarded with dignified honours
M.L Saraf has achieved unmatched heights in both academics and professional practice. He acquired the first rank in F.Y. Sc in the year 1964 from Monstuart Elphinstone College and Best Science Student medal from the same college in the year 1965. It doesn’t end here. This professor had also topped the final examination of MBBS at the University of Bombay in the year 1970.

After the completion of his formal education, Dr. Saraf went to the University of Liverpool for research studies further. He has left a remarkable mark of his skills there as well. For the first time in 60 years, he received the Norman Roberts Prize for the best thesis paper. Also, his paper of orthopaedic studies was chosen as the best paper at Indian Western Region Orthopaedic Conference. His skills and talents were recognized from the very start of his career.

Serving eminent personalities
Dr M.L Saraf reached the pinnacle of his career when asked to lead a medical team to serve Bill Clinton, the former USA president. Later, he also delivered excellent medical advisory to the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, on a special request from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.
A list of such eminent personalities had also received medical treatment in the hands of Dr. Saraf. Some of them include Dr. Manmohan Singh (former Prime Minister of India) and Atal Bihari Vajpayee (also, former PM of India). He assisted Dr. Ranawat in the joint replacement surgery of Mr. Bajpayee.

Selfless acts
It would be very wrong to measure his achievements only with prominent names. M.L Saraf has shown the world what it means to be truly humble. Instead of so much of fame, he chose to work in impoverished parts of Mumbai, serving the poor and needy, free of cost. He came to their rescue with medical camps to cure polio and scoliosis and also to spread awareness about these scarring diseases.

Again, it would be wrong not to mention about M. L. Saraf’s parents. He did need funds to continue his philanthropic works. And then his affluent parents came forward to stand like a backbone in his noble endeavors. He is a member of the Narayan Sewa Sansthan where he dedicatedly treats hundreds of needy and physically challenged patients at a minimal cost.

Indeed a living legend
In spite of treating patients at such low cost, Dr. Saraf has never compromised on his medical equipment. He uses the latest medical advancements for speedy recovery of his patients.

Apart from everything else, he is passionate about his field of expertise. The Tata Memorial Cancer Research Centre lecture has imprinted the minds of many. It is really impossible to find a doctor like Dr M.L Saraf for his extensive knowledge and humbleness.