The Best Medical Advisor

Dr. M.L. Saraf, the orthopedic surgeon whose identity and professionalism exceed expectations. With impressive and outstanding academic record, he is India’s best-loved orthopedic practitioner who takes his vocation as a donation towards his country and the people living in it.

A medical specialist for the armed forces of India:

The armed forces are considered the tough walls that surround and defend the Indian Territory, embracing the entire country for protection against foreign invaders. So health of the armed forces is top priority. Dr. Saraf being the top medical practitioner in orthopedics is the number one medical advisor responsible for the Indian Armed Forces. He makes use of all the techniques available in treating joint replacement and trauma.

He was associated with the Naval Hospital in Ashwini, his knowledge on his practice is always sought when treating complicated issues for those of higher ranking. He also treated the wives of Adm. S.S Jain, Commander in Chief, Western Naval Command, Adm Sharma, Ashwini Hospital, Admiral Sodhi, Submarine Division, and Captain Malhotra. Most of the members of the Naval forces go to visit him regularly for opinions in health and treatment, as he is presently practicing his specialty in Bombay.

Dr ml sarafHis career reached its highest point when he acknowledged two golden opportunities on request of the Indian government. One was with Bill Clinton, during his tour in India, Bill Clinton came to Bombay. Dr. M.L. Saraf headed the medical team that was assigned to take care of the former President of the United States. Second was with Hamid Karzai, Dr. Saraf was specifically requested by the Ministry of External Affairs, to provide medical advice for the President of Afghanistan.

All the patients of M.L Saraf including those who are well known and famous all over the world, know him to be a humble and giving person. No matter how much talent he has, his heart lies at the grassroots. As he mentioned in most of his interviews, “a doctors first contribution should be towards his society and the people” he has proven his words and actions through time.

For all the people who are often deprived of medical attention because of their lack of money, he gives complete treatment free of charge. He has always been an advocate of serving the disabled and the needy, which is the reason why he has participated in a number of free polio and scoliosis camps.

More than 10,000 patients who have been victims of polio he was able to treat, and because of this very kind and generous act, a social organization decided to award him with the title of Rajasthan Ratna, because he has successfully treated and operated on a total of 20,000 people, and everything was free of cost. All of Dr. M.L Saraf’s patients are extremely happy and satisfied, and have expressed their continued respect and appreciation, because he has made a change effectively. Saraf, will continue to improve the lives of many individuals in India, and make life easier for everyone.

Who is Doctor M.L Saraf?

Full name DR. MURARILAL NAGARMAL SARAF is known as a vast Orthopedics Specialist and Teacher who graduated with a post graduate degree. He is known to teach his specialty at the Bombay State of Maharashtra and National Orthopedics Center. M.L. Saraf is a brilliant and in demand professional who is well versed with diagnosis, clinical management and implementation, and not only treats his patients with kindness, and respect but also makes sure that they get the best treatment that money could buy. This man is truly one of the best there is, and can serve as a modern day hero.

Throughout the years, he has been known and widely appreciated for his modern techniques in the field of joint replacement and field trauma. After being appointed at the Naval Hospital at Ashwini, He has made a number of surgeries on various senior officers in the Armed Forces where previous dealings with patients have severely failed, which is why he was very sought after by many people and have often been called upon to do work on patients who do not get to experience proper medical practices.

M.L. Saraf knew that he had reached the peak of his career and professional achievements when he found out that he was going to be asked to head the medical team to look after the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. While on tour at Bombay, the Ministry of External Affairs recognized his efforts in the field of Orthopedics and asked him to expertly advise the President of Afghanistan, Karzai.

As a frequent visitor of the hospital back in his day, the University & Medical Council in India always called him to help conduct inspections. Since a lot of his patients appreciate him so much, some of the Naval Forces Members who were based in Bombay would go to see and visit him to seek medical advise on various complicated Orthopedic cases, that other doctors cannot seem to handle alone.

Aside from being a long time participant of the Bombay Medical Congress, he would also oversee the organization of seminars and would always have a positive response from the representatives who participate in his talks.

If you were to put yourself in the shoes of a doctor, One can only imagine how hard it is to maintain a level of composure when it comes to dealing with patients, and especially if the case is particularly hard to treat, but. M.L. Saraf, is just one of those experienced doctors who can deal with anything and anybody, and yet still be able to make you feel that he cares about your condition and wants to help you.

Orthopedics is no joke, and it can be very technical because you will be working with people’s bones, the main framework of the human body, which if you fail to treat correctly, can kill you in an instant. This type of practice requires any doctor to constantly update the patient, make sure of charges and other factors that other doctors may not be able to handle. M.L. Saraf has already been a tenured doctor for a number of years, and if you were to be his patient, it wouldn’t be hard for you to say that he is one of the best doctors you can go to.

How to get an expert for excellent orthopedic services ?

How to get an expert for excellent orthopedic servicesOrthopedic treatment needs the attention of the finest professionals to guarantee success. There is always hope for someone with broken or fractured bone to regain their health. That hope rests at the mercy of the orthopedic surgeon based on his understanding of the surgery procedures. Every patient is responsible for securing the finest surgery and treatment. Know the process of finding a great doctor.


The orthopedic professionals work hand in hand using special machinery. These machines aid the physicians in diagnosis process, surgery and treatment too. Thus, it is unbearable for a physician to deliver valuable services when he/she lacks the required machines. Dr. M.L Saraf being one of the best physicians has invested in the most modernized equipment and machines for better services.


The professional will only be beneficial to you when he/she is available. You will realize that countless individuals can use anything necessary just to protect their health. Thus, they will go for the best brains in the orthopedic field. Due to this, some of the finest orthopedic experts fail to spend sufficient time with their clients in carrying out diagnosis. This is not ethical. Avoid such experts.


When it comes to surgery, hygiene is very important. Some of the most delicate and sensitive parts of your body will be exposed during the reconstructive surgery of the bones. This escalates the risk of infection, which will lead to a hazardous disease. Before and after surgery, M.L Saraf upholds a high degree of cleanliness to protect the health of his patient. That is why his successes are more.


The period the experts have been constantly delivering both the treatment and the surgery to their patients is important in increasing their skills and knowledge. This is because they have great chances of meeting the health needs of most people. This enables them to deal with all manner of cases and learn how to handle them better. This is the reason why experienced experts are the best.


Orthopedic surgery and treatment is very costly. This is because of the time and resources that will be used especially in surgery. Those physicians that are focused on making huge profits will definitely charge higher prices. However, some exceptional orthopedic specialists like Dr. M.L Saraf consider the poor who cannot afford these services. Sometimes he carries out the surgeries for free.

Mode of treatment

Has the mode of treatment used by the expert changed based on the constant changes in the medical field? Medical experts must always update their knowledge on the procedures used for treating various ailments since they change every time. A great physician will always be using the latest treatment techniques after they are certified to be used. This will boost his/her competency.


The interests of the physicians are important since it sets a standard on how they treat their patients. Some are interested on increasing their revenue. Such specialists cannot offer their expertise on humanitarian grounds. M.L Saraf has challenged such doctors because he has helped various people with his expertise free of charge. This is despite of his achievement in this field.

The medical advisor to ‘defence to differentially abled’

Introducing the orthopaedic surgeon whose excellence is his identity and profession in true sense is service – Dr. M.L.Saraf. With outstanding academic record, he is India’s one of the most efficient Orthopaedic surgeons who takes his profession as a contribution towards his nation and the people.

Medical advisor to Armed Forces of India:
Armed Forces are strong walls of Indian Territory, embracing the entire nation for protection. So, health and well-being of the Army is also the country’s foremost concern.

Dr. Saraf, being the top most specialist in Orthopaedics, is the medical advisor to the Indian Armed Forces. He makes use of modern techniques in treating trauma and Joint Replacement for a successful surgery. Having being associated with Naval Hospital in Ashwini, his opinion has been sought after many times in treating complicated cases of higher officials.

Dr. M.L.Saraf has successfully treated the wives of –
* Adm S.S Jain, Commander in Chief, Western Naval Command
* Adm Sharma, Ashwini Hospital
* Admiral Sodhi, Submarine Division
* Captain Malhotra

As he is presently practising in Bombay, most of those members of the Naval Forces give him their regular visits for treatment and health opinion.

Dr. M.L.Saraf: Golden additions to his career
His career reached the highest point when he received two golden opportunities on request of the Government of India.

* Bill Clinton
During his India tour, when Bill Clinton came to Bombay, Dr. Saraf headed that medical team formed to take care of the then President of United States of America.

* Hamid Karzai
In another such instance, His Excellency Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan was in Bombay. Dr. Saraf was specifically requested by Ministry of External   Affairs, India to provide professional medical advice.

* Serving the who’s who:
Patients of Dr. Saraf include the famous personalities of the society – G. D. Birla, M. F. Hussain, Dilip Kumar, Shankarraoji Chavan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh   and the likes.

* Serving humanity at the grassroots:
No matter how much proficiency he proves at a higher level, his heart lies at the grassroots. As he has stated in most Dr. M.L.Saraf reviews, “A doctor’s foremost contribution is towards his society and the people.” Indeed, he has proved his words with time.

For the poor people who are often deprived of proper medical care due to lack of finance, he provides complete free treatment to them. He has always been dedicated to serving the needy and disabled; that made him participate in a number of free Polio and Scoliosis camps.

Through those camps he has conducted, Dr. Saraf has served more than 10,000 patients of Polio and Orthopaedics. A social organization has awarded him with the title of ‘Rajasthan Ratna’ because he had successfully operated on as many as 20,000 patients. Whatever he did was completely free of cost.

What else do Dr. M.L.Saraf reviews say? Well, reviews on Dr. Saraf have highly appreciated his contribution and excellence in the field of medical science. All his patients are extremely happy and have expressed their respect for his credentials. Hope Dr. Saraf will continue to improve the lives of many more individuals.

A True All-Rounder in Every Sense of the Term

Dr. M.L. Saraf does not need any introduction in the field of orthopedics, especially in matters relating to pediatrics. He is a pioneer in this field as far as India is concerned. His association with the KEM hospital in Mumbai is more than four decades old. He has served the hospital in various capacities right since his days as a student. It would be very difficult to find a parallel career in this world. We shall go through some of his qualities for the benefit of humanity.

As a doctor, one has to be compassionate. Not every human being would be the same. However, in the case of M.L. Saraf, compassion has a different meaning altogether. You would find him treating every patient alike. It would make little difference to him whether he is treating the President of a country or a small rural boy in Maharashtra. To him, everyone is the same. We can say this with conviction because he has the achievement of treating the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. He also has the distinction of treating scores of children in the villages in Maharashtra.

Dr. M.L. Saraf has the distinction of being an extremely intelligent student throughout his life. The greatness of Dr. Saraf is that he considers himself a student even today. According to him, life teaches him a new lesson every day. It would be very difficult to find such a humble person in life, considering his achievements in his field.

Excellent sense of diagnosis:
He has the knack of diagnosing the problem perfectly. It would never take him a second chance to diagnose any ailment. In fact, there is no such word as ‘second’ in his dictionary. He has stood first in every examination he has taken. He is renowned for his excellent sense of diagnosis. He has a very steady hand that can tackle any operation with ease.

Philanthropy is his USP. He has done innumerable operations free of cost in both the KRM Hospital and the Bombay Hospital during his distinguished career. This is in addition to the innumerable free medical camps that he conducts throughout the year in and around the villages in Maharashtra. He has tremendous contacts with the high and the mighty whereby he solicits their support in procuring the necessary medical equipment for the poor children.

People always say that the doctor is the incarnation of the Divine on this Earth. Dr. M.L.Saraf epitomizes this belief in its entirety. In addition to the polio campaigns that he carries out all over his state, he is also an authority on the Jaipur foot, having fitted this contraption on numerous patients until date.

M.L. Saraf has the single-minded devotion to eradicating polio from India. No one can underestimate his contribution in this field. He has the objective of seeing a polio-free India in his lifetime. Going by his current achievements, the day is not far away.

Final thoughts:
You have seen some of his qualities in general. He has a mind, more inclined towards research and innovation. We shall see some of these qualities as well.

A Brief Introduction to the Multifaceted Personality

Dr. M.L. Saraf, born on 27 August 1947, is a renowned orthopedic surgeon. To call such a distinguished personality as just an orthopedic surgeon would be inappropriate. To borrow a sporting term, he is an all-rounder in the true sense of the term. We shall look at his qualifications and achievements during the course of this article.

A well-qualified doctor:
Armed with a basic MBBS degree, M.L.Saraf went on to specialize in orthopedics. He is a pioneer in the field of pediatric surgery in orthopedics, having done his masters in this subject at Liverpool. He has an enviable record of topping every examination in his life right from his school days. He is the first Indian to receive the Norman Roberts prize for his achievements at Liverpool. No wonder, his contemporaries call him “Computer in Orthopedics.”

Early education:
Born in the city of joy, Kolkata (Calcutta as it was known during his time), he shifted to Mumbai (Bombay) at a very young age. The King Edward Memorial Hospital has been his alma mater. He has a tremendous association with the hospital. Having completed his formal education at this hospital, he served as a residential intern at this place. He went on to become an orthopedic lecturer as well as a guest lecturer at this hospital and its affiliated medical college for many years to come.

With pediatrics being his special love and interest, M.L.Saraf moved on to the UK to acquire the coveted M. Ch in Orthopedics from Liverpool University. Subsequently, he had an option of settling down in London. However, his love for the motherland and the burning desire to help the underprivileged society in India made him come back to India. Joining his alma mater, KEM Hospital, he offered his services to the poor and needy people.

At present, he is the Head of the Department of Orthopedics at the Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai.

Academic excellence:
As enumerated earlier, Dr. M.L. Saraf has never stood second in his life. No one has ever been able to dislodge him from the top position at any competitive examination. In addition to the academic awards, he has won a horde of professional honors as well. This includes holding prestigious positions such as the Honorary Medical Advisor at the Cricket Control Board of India, Amateur Riders Club of India, and the Armed Forces of India as well. These are only a minuscule portion of his achievements.

Special achievements:
His moment of fame arrived when the Government of India entrusted the task of being the Head of the Medical Team attending to the then US President Bill Clinton during his visit to India. The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, chose him to head the team that treated the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. He was on the team of doctors attending to the knee replacement surgery of the former Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Final thoughts:
You would require reams of paper to highlight the achievements of Dr. M.L.Saraf. No wonder, he is a true all-rounder.

An Encyclopedia of Knowledge

You can judge the greatness of a man from what he does for the society rather that what the society does for him. You can include the name of Dr. M.L.Saraf in this list of great men. One cannot develop qualities such as philanthropy overnight. Either one is born with it or not. Dr. Saraf has a history of helping out the poor and the needy. At the same time, Dr. Saraf likes to impart his knowledge to the present generation to ensure that they continue his good work in the field of Orthopedics.

Sharing, as well as imparting knowledge, does not come easily to anybody. Dr. Saraf likes to teach students. Hence, you would always see him sharing his views with the students and the interns at the various hospitals where he renders his honorary services. The medical fraternity has recognized these qualities in him. Hence, they invite him as guest lecturers in many colleges all over India. In addition, he has also conducted as well as participated in innumerable workshops on orthopedics.

He is a great orator as well. People flock in large numbers to hear him speak on the occasion. He has this streak of leadership on him as well. He has been the convener of many conferences in India as well as other parts of Asia. Some of his notable assignments include the Convener of the Asian Congress of Pediatric Surgery in 1976 and the Convener of the first A.O. workshop in India in 1978.

His colleagues in the industry have great regard for him. They invite him as a guest faculty in their international workshops as well. The SICOT International workshop and the Ranawat’s International Total Knee Replacement seminar are two such examples. Dr. Ranawat is a famous orthopedic surgeon in the same league as Dr. Saraf. He has given keynote addresses and orations at many medical conferences such as the Rajasthan Medical Congress and the South Zone Orthopedic Conference. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized his mastery over the subject by inviting him as their faculty representative in the WHO seminars.

He is a surgeon. In spite of this, he believes in other branches of medicine such as Ayurvedic and Homeopathy. It is very rare for a surgeon and that too, a noted one to acknowledge the efficiency of other alternative streams of medicine. The Dr. M.L.Saraf reviews are witness to the fact that he had taken the initiative in organizing the first interdisciplinary conference between all the streams of medicine in 2002.

He is active in the field of research as well. He is a rare person in the sense that in addition to having an academic inclination, he advocates the use of practical knowledge as well. He brings these innovative qualities into his research. He has to his credit a number of papers published at national and international conferences. He has won a couple of awards as well on his research on the subject of Sacro-Iliac T.B. and the fracture of the spine.

Avail the Best Joint Replacement Surgery

It was truly great to read more and more about his achievements as every new thing I learnt about him showed his excellent services outlining impeccable diagnosis, clean operating hand and extremely compassionate bedside manners. Reading the positive M.L Saraf review he managed to bag from masses made my decision to consult him firmer. I thought he could be the ideal person to talk to for my wife’s joint pain. I moved further with the procedure and contacted him to schedule an appointment. He had arranged many different camps for the field Pediatric Orthopedics, Arthroscopy, Total Joint Replacement, Fracture Treatment by A.O. technique and Spine surgery in different regions.

My wife was not keeping well since a long time. She had met with a road accident and since then had problems with her joints. Though the accident was not huge or severe, the two-wheeler she slipped off from fell back upon her. I felt bad seeing her in pain and therefore I decided to find the best orthopedic surgeon around. The World Wide Web being a vast platform to give reliable and relevant information on every topic, which was the perfect medium for me. I looked on for the best orthopedic surgeons in India and came across ml saraf reviews that were extremely known for his medical education.

Apart from the academic excellence he possessed, his contribution in the industry too was appreciable. H had made a significant stand in the Indian society to spread the importance of joint replacement surgery. He was a pioneer to win innumerable awards and rewards for India by taking care of the individuals suffering from joint injuries. I was extremely impressed by his profile as it perfectly highlighted how dedicated he was towards his work to help people live a pain-free life. His profile also had big achievements for research and innovation in collaboration with many national institutes of technology.

Being a prominent and experienced surgeon, all his workshops seemed to promise positive response and effective results. Finally, my wife and I met this excellent consultant in the field of orthopedics and joint replacement and spoke about her experience. He was very calm and understanding to offer us helpful and meaningful advices. His suggestions were appealing. We could easily think of a joint replacement operation after approaching him. Unlike earlier when my wife used to follow simple exercises to get rid of the joint pain tentatively, this treatment promised to relieve her from the joint pain forever.

It was a satisfying experience to meet and follow the advices given by Dr. M.L Saraf. To what I had read about his profile, he was exactly similar in reality. There was not even an inch of difference in his service as mentioned on the web. After meeting and talking to him for the first time, it was clear that he was a trustworthy orthopedic surgeon. We continued to follow this consultant only after he assured that the surgery caused no harm to the other parts or joints of the body. It has been two years after the surgery now and my wife certainly happened to get her life back with extreme ease in her joints.