DR. MURARILAL NAGARMAL SARAF a well known Specialist in Orthopaedics & a Post Graduate Teacher in the field needs no enumeration of his achievements in his field at the local level in Bombay State of Maharashtra & National Orthopaedics. He is an excellent clinican sought after for his diagnosis & clinical management. Well versed in implementation of the most modern techniques in the field trauma & Joint Replacement. He has been attached to the Naval Hospital at Ashwini. He has been called upon from time to time for his opinion & surgery on various senior officers in the Armed Forces where previous attempt at treatment have failed. Mrs Sodhi wife of Admiral Sodhi of the submarine division, Mrs Jain wife of Adm S. S Jain Commander In Cheif Western Naval Command, Mrs Malhotra wife of Captain Malhotra, Adm Sharma XO Ashwini Hospital etc.

His professional achievements reached their pinnacle when he was asked to head the medical team to look after Mr. Bill Clinton, then President of USA,
while he was in Bombay during his India Tour. He was asked by the Ministry of External Affairs to professionally advise President Karzai (President of Afghanistan) when he was in Bombay during his India Tour.

He has been a regular visitor to the Hospital specially when called upon to held at the time of inspection by the University & Medical Council of India. Numerous Members of the Naval Forces stationed in Bombay visit him form time to time for specialist opinion and further management of complicated cases. His participation in the Bombay Medical Congress and in the organisation of seminars like OA knee has had excellent response form the delegates.

Orthopaedics is a highly technical surgical specialty requiring constant updating of systems. Utilization of such expensive equipments may not be too frequent. Civilian doctors if attachted to the Armed Forces & to superspeciality corporate Hospitals can be useful in event of need for the treatment of our army personnel at such corporate Hospital without much expense. Followup letter writing service

Dr. Saraf has special interest in the management of Spinal deformities specially Scoliosis which requires complicated instrumentation. Joint Replacement in the young patients of the army can be very exacting. Long term survival of the joint innovation into newer techniques specially ceramics & pressfit in which Dr. Saraf ademically excels.